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Besöksadress: Stationsvägen 17, Åre (öppet enl. överenskommelse)


Malin Lindgren

Åre Travel

Owner: Malin Lindgren

Åre Travel Designer AB
Bullerbyn 6
SE-830 14 Åre

Phone: +46706110039
VAT NO: 559154-4068


Malin Lindgren

Opening hours

SMS       +46706110039  at 8am-10pm all days, we answer in 0-4 hours

MAIL  at 8am-10pm all days, we answer in 0-12 hours
PHONE  +46706110039 at 8 am to 5 pm monday to friday, at 10 am -5 pm sundays, saturday closed

EMERGENCIES ONLY +46706110039 24 hours, all days

When regular staff fail to respond, your call will be linked to our phone support at KalixTele24. To get emergency help with ex. codes etc. you will need to say your name and date of arrival and apartment number . 

Kind regards,
Malin Lindgren // CEO
Åre Travel Designer AB
Stationsvägen 17, SE-837 51 Åre 
Postal Address: Bullerbyn 6, SE- 83751 Åre, Sweden